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Merrill Lynch Mob

I just heard that a boss at Merrill Lynch spent over a million dollars to have his office re-done. That kind of greed just makes me so mad. We are in a recession. His company is asking the taxpayers for billion dollar bailouts.... he spent like $60,000 on a rug... a fucking rug... COME ON! How is nobody doing anything about this? People are living in poverty in this country and all over the world, and a company that is asking the middle and lower classes for money is spending like they are retarded.... excuse my use of the word... i generally don't use the word retarded, but that is what i think of Merrill Lynch for being so selfish.... and sadly, it's not just Merrill Lynch, all these companies that are going under are still being led by very rich and very selfish people. I am sick of it. This country s a mess. I hope Obama will bring us to a better place, but Bush and his administration raped this country and i hope that some day soon they will pay for it.
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(Democrats anyway)


I endorse Obama. I do not think he is the answer to all of our countrie's problems. A president should only ever be a guide in democracy. But i hope he doesn't pick Hillary to be vice president. I don't think he will. Maybe he will pick me (ha ha)

Did anyone ever see this clip from Ellen? With her talking to McCain about gay marriage?
I think marriage is a sketchy situation sometimes, but equality is the point, not the certificate of marriage. There is no sanctity of marriage. It just doesn't exist, but i love Ellen. She is a hero... and in McCain's defense, he's not an evil guy. He's a war hero himself, but he's not fit to be president. Right now he works for the wrong side and he doesn't even realize it. And if he does, then fuck him anyway.