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Video Music Awards for Power Happy Rappers

we'll make great pets- porno 4 pyros
we'll make grape pez - brain

for my birthday i asked for a psychotic breakdown
a few people wanted to give me one but it was all very minor injuries.
he he heheh heee

so i'm watching Alicia Keys on the Video Music Awards. This is the only award show i ever really enjoyed. i used to watch all the awards and make bets, but the VMA's were the only interesting ones.
Anyway, i've never been that into Alicia Keys but i really liked that song and Performance she did. People have been telling me her latest album was better and different than her old stuff. Now i may have to really look into that. i have to say that i think it's stupid that the VMAs this year is a big showdown between 50 Cent and Kanye West. I'm a bit disappointed because i prefer Kanye, and have thought him to be a genius, and he is, but the money and power have gone to his head so bad that the things i like best about him have practically disappeared.
And all of the really famous hosts and guests are acting like a bunch of pussies. At least the Gym Class Heroes look like they're having fun.

Also, i found that blonde girl talking about the iran and the pakastan very the scary.
Don't fear the reaper.
fear the pete and repete joke teller.

i saw steven tyler on the henry rollins show. i have to say- Dude Looks Like a Lady. So,
Here are some rock videos from Boston including that one:

Aerosmith- Dude Looks Like a Lady (classic rock)
Pixies-Where is My Mind? (alternative rock)
Mighty Mighty Bosstones- Where'd You Go? (ska)
Dropkick Murphy's- I'm Shipping Off to Boston (Irish punk)
Morphine- Early to Bed (ska?)
Dinosaur Jr.- Freak Scene (folk-rock)
Boston-More Than a Feeling (classic rock)
Sebadoh- Ocean (alternative)
Godsmack- Greed (hard rock)
Dick Dale- 2 songs live on Cape Cod(surf rock)
Rob Zombie- Lords of Salem (alternative hard rock/metal)
The Red Chord- Black Santa (death metal/heavy hardcore)

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me with graffiti

The Boston Music Scene

under a cut
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I just heard a song on the radio i liked. i didnt really hear all the lyrics, but it had a great fun beat. Coffee Shop by Yung Joc/Gorilla Zoe
i'm not generally into mainstream hip-hop, but it sounded dope. (: