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The Hood

yesterday i drove through one of my favorite ghettos. i don't go there much anymore, but i figured out it was a good way to avoid traffic. the first time i ever went there, it was by accident. i was out for a very long walk. i took the bike path down to the city and took a couple paths off the path and suddenly i was standing in a park, looking at a sign with the name of the park on it and i said to myself "oh my god. this is the park where 3 kids were shot yesterday!" i had heard it on the news the previous night. i had no idea where the park was located and it was seemingly totally random that i would end up there the next day. and i looked around the park. you would think that at a park where there had just been a shooting, that there would be no one at the park, but it was filled. kids playing on the swings, playing wiffleball, tag, etc. older kids drinking sodas and flirting with eachother, mother's nursing their babies and grown men playing basketball. forget the fact that there was a shooting there the day before, no parks where i live ever have more than a few kids playing. usually just toddlers with their nanny's. you never see anyone outside anymore in the suburbs. no one ever leaves the house. when i was a kid we ruled the streets. it was fun.
i remember when i arrived at the park that day, the sky was getting cloudy like it was going to rain. i asked a woman what was the best way to Mass Ave. she told me it was 2 miles down the road. i looked confused, as i thought i was walking parallel to mass ave for the whole walk. the woman called a man over who gave me details on how to get back to mass ave. the people there were totally nice to me when they could have easily taken advantage, and that surprisingly has often been my experience with people in the ghetto. there is always evil stuff going on, but there are always people there who will try to protect you from the evil, because they have been part of it and understand a bit about how it works.

anyway, the hood is a magical place in many ways. it is a real community. i sometimes think i'd be better off living there than among these stuck up assholes. i don't fit in here.

did you guys hear about the private club where all the white parents pulled their kids out of the pool when a group of black kids got in and made statements that they felt unsafe having their kids swim with black kids? here is a link to an article on it....

i live right down a street from a town that is known for not allowing black people in their private club... but luckily i also live near cambridge, somerville and medford, where things are a lot more diverse.

here's a song about the hood by the dead prez, my favorite rap group.

The Hood- by Dead Prez

and here's Tupac with Nas and Akon- My Block

this is the song that got me into tupac, although not this exact version.

Lil Wayne

I asked this on facebook too, and although i've gotten 2 replies, neither is an answer to my question. I have Lil Wayne Tha Carter III. Which Lil Wayne album should i buy next?

i was thinking today about how my neighbors reacted when i was hanging around a lot of black people. i had 2 neighbors call my friends the N word (to me of course not to their face), and 1 neighbor say he wasn't prejudice, but told me he didn't like it that i was inviting black people into our apartment building. i said that sounds pretty prejudice, and he replied "well, yeah, i mean, everyone is a little prejudice, you have to be"
and i was told by one of my black friends that while he was waiting for his sister to pick him up outside my apartment, there were people staring out the window at him and then the police stopped their car right next to him and asked him what he was doing there...

i don't really like that i live in a building and area with so many fucked up people. most of my neighbors think i am a freak and a fuck up, but i think they are assholes too. there are a few good people in my building, but most of them are fucked up.
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Am i Racist?

this is a complicated question.
I was born and raised in Reading, Massachusetts in the US.

This was a town that was almost all white.
We had black people from Boston shipped to our schools every day so that they could get a better education.
As middle school came around and i was a sexy 11, 12, 13 year old girl. All the black boys wanted me and all the black girls hated me. I even got beat up on the last day of school in 8th grade by a girl who had stolen my mother's diamond ring that i wore to school one day.

BUT, instead of automatically hating black girls or black people, i was just confused as to why they hated ME so much. I was tortured daily in my public schools. More so by white people than by black or other minorities. I was tortured so much that i actually dropped out of school, was hospitalized at McLean mental hospital for a month, then at a respite for youth, where i was the only white person. Then i went to a very diverse school in Coolige Corner, Brookline (the Orthadox Jewish section of Boston). My school celebrated diversity every day. That was one of the main focuses of the school. It was a small school. 44 kids in total, who were all very smart kids with emotional issues, authority issues and/or minor learning disabilities. There was a zero violence tolerance policy. If you slapped someone at school you were expelled, no questions asked. But my school was full of minorities of all sorts, racial, sexual identity/orientation, immigrants, mental health, eating disorders. One thing we all had in common (mostly) was our love of learning and our desire to accept one another.
That school had some amazing teachers who taught us in ways that were not boring to us like in public school. I didn't do all that well on my SAT's, but i learned much more at Beacon High (formerly known as New Perspectives School) than i ever did in the Reading Public School system. The most important things i learned were 1. that i was SMART (because the Reading school system had me convinced of the exact opposite) and 2. to be open minded and accepting.
I learned a lot of other things as well there, but before that, my life was going down the wrong path. Had i stayed at RMHS, i may have very well turned into a hateful racist. Instead, Beacon High School helped to keep me a good, loving, curious person.

Boston is a racist city. Like, how i mentioned that Brookline is where the Jewish people are at, we also have the North End for the Italians, Southie for the Irish, Dorchester/Roxbury/Mattapan for the black people, Chinatown for the Asian people, Beacon Hill for the rich white people, etc...

Somerville, where i had been spending most of my time before i starting shouting HELP everywhere i went (because of the feeling of being chased) is a very very diverse city. Somerville is the most diverse part of Boston, although it's not technically Boston, nor is Brookline. They both border Boston and are both cities. The Ville, as it is called by it's diverse residents, is a wonderful place. It is my favorite part of Boston. It is also where there is a really great, deep and smart hip hop scene. It is also where i was pulled over for nothing, and where i was arrested a few weeks ago for having my music on too loud and failure to immidiately ID myself... and it is where a lot of my friends, both new and old live.

There are a lot of gangs in The Ville lately and while i was hanging out there recently, i was trying to make a hip hop movie with some local kids about the gangs and the diversity... trying to get to the root of it all. But life got crazy. The kids houses were being robbed, their families and friends were dying and/or going to jail for minor offenses or being locked up in psych wards. The film never happened.

Right now, the kids are mad at me because they looked up to me and i have let them down by going "crazy". I have decided to let them go for now. If the time is right, i may see them again, but while i am wanted by the Haters and makers of society who own fear, i think those kids are better off being mad at me. Most of them were black kids. I don't know what they think of me, what they are being told about me, etc. But they were good kids. I assume they still are if they are still alive, but there is a gang war in Boston, and they are all FORMER mini gang members. They were in gangs when they were like 12-15 years old. The reason they hung out with me so much was to get them out of the front lines, cuz they were all very smart kids who didn't want gang life anymore. I don't know where they're at now, so if you don't mind praying for them, i would appriciate all the good thoughts going their way. They could use it. In my opinion, those kids are all heroes.

Now, one last thing... i don't hate all white people... okay? i am a white person. There are good white people. There are even a few good rich white people... but when i say i hate "white power" i mean that i hate the white people who have enough power to make racial minorities do their dirty work. Black on black crime was CAUSED by lies told and displayed on TV by white people in power. The race war in general is caused by white people's lies. So be careful what you believe right now. We are at war and the white power liars are unfortunately winning.

Thank you for hearing my shpeil.
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I thought the Mafia was out to get me. I thought my own family was out to get me. Mostly the Italian side. It is not the Italians. It is white power. My Welsh side of the family are mainly slaves as well though. Not all white people are white power. Not even all white people with money, but if they have the power to make you do things you don't want to do, or know you shouldn't do, then they are likely white power slave owners. If you do what white power people tell you to do because you fear the outcome of not obeying them or their laws, you are a slave. This is a country of slaves and our heroes are off fighting this unjust war and dying.
If you were out to get me because you are a minority and thought i was out to get you or turn you into slaves, you were misguided. You will however be more easily forgiven.
If you are full of hate, forgiveness will not come as quickly. I love all people as long as they are good people with good hearts. Haters can go down. And they will.

I used to be ashamed to be Italian because that side of my family was "working class". Now i will be a hero for the working class. White power is the enemy and always has been. Socialism is the answer. Democracy was a great idea but it doesn't work with Capitalism. Capitalism is a trap. I would love for my country, and this world in general to work in a democratic way, that we may all be equal. No one will be equal as long as white power capitalizes off our fears.

The good hearted people and minorities will win this time.
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I Send an SOS to the world

they erased my entry on a day in my life. so i posted them on my journal

here's the gyst. they're after me. tis was erased.

i was arrested a couple days ago and spent the night in jail for failure to immediately ID myself when 5 cop cars surrounded me for being pulled over on the side of the road with my radio on too loud in Davis Square, Somerville. I was picking up a friend from work.

This was the day after i got out of MCLEAN where they restrained me on North Belknap for trying to call 911 to report that the nurse assaulted me. I was staring at him. Five large men jumped on top of me and tried to suffocate me with a towel over my face, but i have been in training and i screamed, kicked and fought for my life back.

While i was at Mclean, i discovered why everyone there looks so familiar. They are part of "the family" My family is cops on one side, mafia on the other. The Mafia is trying to kill me because i reported it all to the police. I was raised by moral parents and family who did their best to protect me from h Mafia side, but i was gang raped when i was 12 because i have a ring from my Godmother. I was supposed to be the NEXT God-mother. That was the point of the ring, but the Mafia owns all the other gangs and owns slaves and i want no part in it. I was supposed to marry an attractive black man and own slaves with him. That is why black girls have hated me my whole life. I never understood until i understood.

The Godparents have a camp where you are brainwashed and military trained and tortured while you are being potty trained. Whoever could potty train fastest and then torture and humiliate the other kids into potty training quickly as well got to win the diamond ring and go home to their parents first. All i wanted was to go home. I never wanted to torture those kids. I was fucking 2 years old. But i won the ring, and when the Godmother on Proctor 2 saw that i had it with me and had a price tag on it for $100, she flipped out.

My parents still don't believe me, because they are afraid, but i know that they are not the bad guys.

The mafia owns the Boston sports teams, which is why we are winning and why so many people are losing their money to the mafia with their gambling addictions. Now that Boston is supposedly the place to be, gentrification is fucking up our city. Buildings that hold 500 families are being torn down to build large 1 family homes for the rich, leaving more and more people homeless, poor and in need of any work they might find. Therefore, more people are joining gangs or working as spies for the mafia. We are all slaves. America is not free.

This is the same war that is in Iraq. There is only one war, and that is GOOD vs EVIL. Hilliary Clinton is Mafia Family. That is why she is dropping out of the race. I have been putting up signs everywhere. They are scared. They should be. Help me scare them until they back down.

I'm sorry if this is scary, but i need the other heroes who read my blog to recognize that if you have GodParents, you probably went through this and if you ever say things like "It seems like someone is capitalizing on our fears" You are right. It is the Mafia. McLean hospital is the most famous psych ward in the world. James Taylor, Sylvia Plath, Rick James, Susanna Kaysen, Ann Sexton, Judy Garland, one of the Kennedy's.
Hollywood made a movie "Girl Interrupted" based on Susana Kaysen's memoir of Proctor 2, the ward that the Godmother owns. (head nurse). The movie is a favorite amongst traumatized adolescents in this country, and scared traumatized children now beg their parents to go there.

Also, the God-MOTHER is a white bread rich woman who works as a head nurse on Proctor 2 (the unit for sexual assault survivors with PTSD, "borderline personality" or Multiple Personalities. They do NOT Allow physical contact on that ward, including HUGS. They deprive these victim/survivors of the one thing we need the most.
The God FATHER on the other hand works on North Belknap and is a very very large "cool" Haitian Creole man. The Reason that race issues are what they are is because the Mafia is BLACK AND WHITE. Literally and figuratively. They are not who you were lead to believe they were. Italians are just as much slaves to the Mafia as any other immigrants to this country. (Except the mafia, as they too were once immigrants.)

Also, please note that NOT ALL white people or all Haitian Creole's are mafia. In fact, most are not, but the Godparents are black and white. The Godmother has more power than the Godfather.
Please Be a hero and hear my truth and spread it.

PS. i have not smoked weed in 2 days. I'm taking meds. This is not me being crazy.. its a crazy world and i'm being hunted cuz i know the truth. Help save me. Help save the whole WORLD!!!!
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Check These Old Ads Out. They'll Make You THink

Alka Selzer- Pop pop -fizz fizz- What the Fuck is going on in my tummy?

Camel Cigarettes Are GOOD FOR YOU. Studies PROVE IT! Even DOCTORS SAY SO!!!!!

The Ad for the 57 Chevy... It describes the car as if it were a sexy woman.
But ya gotta admit, the 1957 Chevy IS a damn sexy automobile. true???


Fritos use a stereotyped Mexican song to make kids want to eat junk food and sing cool songs

Some Bullshit Bank Claiming you can TRUST them

Lucky Strike gives you words of wisdom from a Tobacco Expert (aka VERY BAD ACTOR)

Old Spice- For Marines, Sailors, Fishermen, or just fans of Popey. Guys like my Papa. I actually wear old spice sometimes now. i have some in my bathtub. But it always makes me think of my grandfather.

All the money spent on Soda adds the fuck up... Pepsi


Reynolds Aluminum SAYS "Peace on earth, blah blah blah, i'm so fucking PSYCHED Aluminum can be used in war! I hope we stay at war FOREVER!!! We'll be mad rich! I mean PEACE PEACE. It's Christmas, respect Jesus and shit. WAR RULES!"

Message To Veterans to STAY IN THE HOSPITAL (this one is just STRANGE)

POOR PEOPLE! Good News! This very UNHEALTHY CHEESE tastes Good and is cheap so you can eat a shitload of it!!!
And, PLUS, Philip Morris Tobacco thought it was such a great product that they own it now.
see? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kraft_Foods

Velveeta is a Kraft product

Dupont's Rat Poison

Budwiser Will Get You LAID!!!!

And lastly, maybe its cuz i'm tired, but did this dude say planes were held together with rubber cement? that concerns me a little. well, whatever, i hope you've all enjoyed this learning experience