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Juno and Sweeny Todd

i just saw Juno and Sweeny Todd.

i give Juno 5 stars. It was a great comedy. It made me laugh a lot and just feel good in general. The soundtrack was great too. It had a lot of Kimya Dawson songs on it, which was cool. I really just loved pretty much everything about it. It was refreshing, funny, cool... i dunno. Its been a while since i've seen such a good light comedy. I recommend it. There are some great lines in the film that just made me laugh my ass off. Totally thumbs up.

Sweeny Todd on the other hand is not a light movie at all. It was different than any other Tim Burton movie i can think of, although it was obviously done in his style. The character of Sweeny Todd looked a lot like Edward Scissorhands, without, well, the scissor hands. I mean, they were both played by Johnny Depp, so obviously they would look somewhat alike, but the costumes were very Gothic like in Edward's castle.
It was also a LOT bloodier than any other Tim Burton film i can think of. And some of it was quite gross.
It was good though. i enjoyed it. I would give it 4 stars.

i think Moo is trying to get my attention so i'm off for now. peace
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On Demand July 2007

i have cable on demand. i decided to go thru the current free on demand movies that i've seen and list them here with my ratings for them. just in case anyone else has on demand and wants recomendations on the free movies.

One of the movies i have under the cut is Edge City, a 2004 indy movie. I just saw it the other night. It was really disturbing in a lot of ways, but it was really well made. If you liked Kids, Wassup Rockers, Manic, Hurricane Streets, Welcome to the Dollhouse, Thirteen, The Ice Storm, Bully or Mean Creek, you might like Edge City. I gave it 5 stars.

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