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What I've Been Up To....

While i have been unable to use the internet for the past couple of weeks, i have made a bunch of videos.
They are not by any means the best videos ever made, but i think they are worth watching.
Also, for those of you who thought Mustard (Struggle) was cute, he is in some of the videos. If you listen to what he says in his freestyles, you can get an idea of why he is called "struggle" as his life has been pretty rough. He's a good kid/guy though.
There is also some deep rapping by Jay (Bobericc) and some stuff by me. As it is my journal, i will put the video of me first, however, it is not the best out of all the videos.
Enjoy them... and your taste of Boston for today...
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Boston Common and Park Street in November

today i went into boston to see my doctor. i took the train into harvard and went to the garage to look around for a bit first. i sat in the pit for a little while, but there was no one there. just as i was leaving, i ran into beat box. i talked to him for a few minutes but had to take off for my appointment. i saw my psychiatrist. we discussed meds and stuff. then i left and walked around the area to take these photos..

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hope you all enjoyed them.

By the way, i watched the news tonight. There is a recall on these beaded toys called Aquadots. They are supposed to be recalled in Australia as well, where they are called Bindeez. If ingested, it is like swallowing a date rape drug... because it is pretty much made out of date rape drugs.. is that crazy or what?
so yeah, if you have kids and they have Aquadots or Bindeez you probly wanna get rid of them.
I saw my first Christmas advertisement of the year on tv and noticed christmas candy in the store yesterday. oh, capitalism.
Also interesting in the news is that a priest from Stoneham, from a church i have been in a few times, has been stalking and threatening Conan O'Brian. He'll probably mention it on his show tonight, but i don't know. i'm watching letterman right now. i usually watch the daily show and colbert report right now, but they are repeats right now.
i bought Gizmo some new mice which she loves and i think a woman was flirting with me on the elevator at alewife, but i didnt realize it until it was too late. damn. she seemed really nice, and i got a good vibe from her. i guess if it is meant to be, it will happen on its own, otherwise, well, who knows.
slick rick and chamillionare are on lettermn tonight. bobericc has this as his phone ringtone.
happy halloween

Halloween Pictures- Past and Present

unfortunately, i couldnt find mot of my Halloween pictures from the past. i only found a few years, plus a few pictures of a Halloween party in the 70's that my parents were at.... so... here are some photos... enjoy and have a Happy and Safe Halloween.

1. this is me as a witch and my sister lisa as a bumble bee. i think this was taken in 1984. 
2. my sister Nikki (nicole) with our favorite ugly mask on, dancing in her pj's.

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me with graffiti


i got carried away and made some more. They are free to take, althouh you probly dont want ones of my face, but they are included in the post.
you dont HAVE to credit me, but i wouldnt mind. Just dont claim u made them.

ALSO, using icons made by Marlyg (LJ user) i made these (i added the captions)
   (another for nanowrimo)
my wall

Update My State

What's Up?
I haven't posted in a few days. I've been busy, but now i have a few things to write about.

I found out today that my case manager whom i really like is sick and will not be returning. I have grown to care about this guy cuz i've known him a long time and he's a really good man.  i hope he is okay, and he will be in my prayers.

K and N moved out yesterday. They are a gay couple who lived in the building next door to me. This is kind of sad for me too because i really liked them. i have known K for about 9 years now, cuz i originally met him in a GLBTQ AA meeting back when i went to AA.

I have been selling some stuff on craigslist cuz i need t get rid of things and make some extra money. 
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Let's see. i recently rented "Bully" and "Tony Hawk's Project 8" for PS2. 
I am a huge fan of the Tony Hawk video games, and the graphics on the game were sick (as in good) BUT it was not special enough that i would buy it until it is marked down to $12 or less. It was kind of annoying. The other games he has are made for teens and adults. This was more kid focused. I think it is probably great for kids cuz so many kids love the Tony Hawk games but cant play cuz of the "bad" stuff. so, yeah, if you are conservative but like good graphics, then this is a good game for you. If you like to spraypaint walls and break into buildings then dont bother. Also, i am a dork and really enjoy designing my own characters in those games, and Project 8 has way fewer options that way, although they do have kid skaters for the kids who play... but yeah, it was ok. * * 1/2

Bully was really cool. i am not really a gamer. i'm pretty slow. i only made it through like 1.88% of the game so far, but i brought it back to the video store cuz it was due. i think i will buy it eventually. It's got some really interesting details and it makes some really strong statements about the school system. Jimmy (the main character, which is cool cuz its my name) is dropped off by his mother and brand new rich stepfather at a boarding school called Bullworth Academy. It is a school for kids with problems. The dialog mentions one kid being a sociopath, there is a chronic bed wetter, some kids have discipline problems, some are on medications. Its pretty unique and although my high school was not a boarding school, it was an alternative school for kids with problems. The game reminds me of that and even a little bit of being in the adolescent ward at mclean when i was 15. It's unique. i've never played one of these quest kind of games. i've tried them but i usually get bored or irritated and stop. This game makes me want to buy it and play it all the way through to see what happens.
* * * * *

I've done some art recently. I am working out a lot as well.

Sunday night my cousin Mike slept over. We had fun. Didn't actually sleep much.  He is a funny kid.

Monday night i watched Weeds and Californication. I like Californication, but if it were cancelled i wouldnt really care. I love Weeds though and the last episide was INSANE! It was so good.

Yesterday i worked out for a half hour, then returned my video games and rented The Aristocrats which mrshannibal insisted i do. It is an UNRATED documentary about the "dirtiest joke on earth". It was very very funny. I also watched all the extra features which were as good, if not better than the movie.
 I think that Bob Saget and Sarah Silverman were hysterical in the extra features.
jon stewart kind of sucked in it. He was too chicken to tell the joke. Afraid it could be used against him politically or something. bleh.
phyllis diller is in it. dirty old ladies are funny.

A friend came over to watch it with me last night. A fairly new friend. i think a good person, but don't really know yet. hopefully good.

Here is some of the art i've been doing. enjoy
1. Soul and Spirit  (acrylic on canvas)  2.  Face the Music (fimo mask lying on top of a drawing, which is not technically part of the mask piece but looks kinda neat)
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Katastrophe and Michelle Tea

me, michelle tea and rocco/katastrophe

yay. i had a good time. michelle tea read about a place where she used to live in san francisco. katastrophe did about 4 or 5 songs plus one with nicky click, a cool musician/dancer from new hampster. i had a good time. oh yeah, also there was QUEERIOKE afterwards and my friend Machete sang Welcome to the Jungle. I did the Humpty Hump again cuz i'm comfortable with it. i think i did good. people said i did. i also ran into this kid Eli who came to a party at my apartment a few years ago after i met him on the T (subway). that was cool. i didnt recognize him since he has started T (testosterone), but he knew who i was, so he came up to me. neato. it was fun to be amoung so many ftms and lesbians and drag kings.

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bare balance bars

yesterday in harvard square while i was sitting in the pit reading a magazine, 4 different girls came up to me offering a free balemce bare bar. one of them gave me two. i ended up with 5. i was sort of like "great, what am i gonna do with 5 nutrition bars?" i figured they would be gross. i even saw a couple homeless people turn down the offer. i mean, nutrition bars have a tendancy to taste like crunch horse shit.
anyway, i had one last night and another today. they were both really really good. one was chocolate, one penut butter... and it wasn't just good in that "its not so bad that i can't eat it" way, i really liked it.
of course, in order to make it taste good, it must have a ton of chemicals and stuff that is not so good for you, but i doubt its any worse than a candy bar.
oh, a guy in the pit came up to me and asked me if i was looking for "trees". USUALLY, that IS why you will find me in the pit lurking, but not yesterday... not to mention that i am pretty sure the guy was a narc. he was too clean cut to be dealing weed in harvard square. he had tattoos and was wearing baggy rapper clothes, but he was a fake. he had one pant leg rolled up for starters. most dealers dont do that anymore. second, there were cops in the pit from time to time and he kept making eye contact with them. his eyes said "i am bored. no one is buying drugs from me. maybe we should try somewhere else"

can eyes say that much? yes they can. for some people with ptsd like myself, eyes are an answer key.
i didnt have any money anyway. but even if i did, even if i had been there 2 hours looking for a dealer i would not have gone to him.

my mom told me she was proud of me for quitting drinking and smoking. i told her it might not be forever, and she understands that, but is glad i'm giving it up for now. i'm glad she is proud of me.
i stink. i took 2 showers yesterday, none today. today i sweated all day. its friggin hot.
i bought the Giz 2 play mice at the grocery store today. she was in heaven. she's asleep now right next to me. she must be exhausted chasing those fake mice all day in this heat. last night after i got in bed, she decided to lie on top of my back (i sleep on my chest). she laid on my back for a while. it was totally cute.
i guess now i will try to rest. i gotta be to see my therapist in less than 12 hours