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Wicked Cliche Offers Pirate Radio for Your Eyes & Ears

DJ Cliche is spinning right now:

11 September 1978
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i'm me. all the time, G!

Some Hip Hop I'm into:

You Are 72% Creative

You are beyond creative. You are a true artist - even if it's not in the conventional sense of the word.
You love creating for its own sake, and you find yourself quite inspired at times.

420, activism, addiction, akrobatik, ani difranco, animation, anxiety, atmosphere, b-boys, bass, batman, beastie boys, beatboxing, beer, blackalicious, bob dylan, bob marley, bobericc, boondock saints, boston, bronze budda, buffy, burlesque, cape cod, cats, chan, civita, classic rock, common, cosmic wimpout, crafts, crazy, cypress hill, de la soul, dead prez, deep dickcollective, dj screw, dj shadow, documentaries, don white, drag, driving, edan, education, folk, free speech, freedom, freestyle, ftm, fugees, gay hip hop, gender, genderfucked, ghetto, girl interrupted, glbtq, god-des and she, gone baby gone, gorillaz, graffiti, harvard square, herb, hip hop, hippy, hospitals, independant film, james taylor, jedi mind tricks, jim morrison, jimi hendrix, john lennon, jurassic 5, kanye west, katastrophe, kimya dawson, knives, knowledge, krs-one, lesbians, leslie hall, ljmaps_djcliche, local music, mad pride, manic, marvin gaye, mclean, mental illness, mix tapes, monk, moo, mr lif, nwa, ocean, olympia, outkast, perceptionists, photography, photoshop, piff, pink floyd, pop culture, prophet, psych wards, psychology, ptsd, pump up the volume, punk, queer, rap, records, red sox, reggae, rhcp, salem, saul williams, scratching records, sesame street, skateboards, skitzofreniks, slam, somerville, south park, sped schools, spirituality, spoken word, spring, stand up comedy, street, tarnation, tarot, tattoos, the boondocks, the brain, the departed, the projects, the streets, tool, trans, travel, tribe called quest, trip hop, truth, tupac, turntables, underground rap, vinyl, wassup rockers, weeds, youtube, zines