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Writer's Block: I Left My Heart in...

(WARNING: i over "but"ted this entry. now you know. go forward with your reading if you wish)

What do you love about where you live?

good question since i'm trying to stay positive and there are so many things i HATE about where i live...
what do i love?

there is a pond across the street that i can swim in
(even though i'm technically not supposed to)
i am near a bus stop.
the best pizza in existence is across the street (although this doubles as a bad, since i'm trying to be healthy)
i have a washer and drier in my building.
my superintendent is very nice (although while i am not technically in debt to him money wise, i feel i owe him for his extreme kindness and understanding on certain matters an i don't know how to pay him back. I'm hoping i'll be discovered as an artist somehow someday, and if i haven't paid him back somehow by then i will send him a fat check right out of my first fat check.... which unfortunately may as well be sent to me in Candyland cuz yeahhhhhhh. reality and all that.

but what else? i have nice big windows.... covered in black shades cuz of shady neighbors with peeping tom issues. why wont they please move?
umm yeah. can you tell i am having a pessimistic kind of day?

right now my apartment is mad sunny and the windows are open and my music is playing (billy bragg- which side are you on) and i'm writing an LJ post and my kitty is sitting happy and kermit the frog is on the floor. and i'm drinking cranberry juice and using The Departed DVD case as my coaster, even though i have a million actual coasters cuz i guess i collect them. i collect weird things and i have my weird things here with me. And now Bjork is playing from my newest stereo contraption.
My walls are decorated in my art. Almost everything in my apartment has uniqueness.

i like to live alone. i like to have friends come by and stay a night or two sometimes, but i like being able to be alone too.
i like my shower. it might be dirty right now, but i'm about to give this place the annual spring cleaning beat down. Despite it's current state of filth and a sometimes annoying shower-head, it gives a better shower than almost any other place i have lived... of course my parents had to one up me by moving into a condo with the kind of shower that makes you want to cry it's so good... but they deserve it. i was joking about the 1 upping me thing... but man i love their shower, but i love mine too. i just sometimes can't help myself from cheating on my shower when i am there though. but i don't think my shower's feelings are hurt, cuz its a shower and stuff.

i like that i pretty much always have a place to park.

i'm gonna clean now.
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