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These Colors Run- Please Bring Back Our Soldiers

There is child slavery going on currently in my own city, but the heroes are off fighting an unjust war to make a few people a lot of money. Our leaders have been telling us and the whole world, that we are there to help them achieve democracy and freedom, but WE are not even free, WE don't even have a real democracy.

We need our heroes back at home. Our nation's leading cowards have sent the bravest American's off to fight for them and make them richer. They are sending heroes to do something un-heroic, with promises of world travel, free education, job training and placement, and the opportunity to do the "right" thing.

Since most of our heroes are fighting in the war, America is mainly populated by War Profiters and Social Workers, Thugs and Pussies, and of course, Pimps and Artists.
The Thugs are pushing the Pussies around, the War Profiters keep profiting off the poor, the young, the sick, and the dying no matter how hard the Social Workers work, and the artists are mainly unappreciated, although the ones with nothing to say are Pimped out all around us.

Lets bring back our heroes before we destroy them all for the sake of War Profit Pussies. PLEASE!!!!!
Tags: america, art, peace, politics, war


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