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Check These Old Ads Out. They'll Make You THink

Alka Selzer- Pop pop -fizz fizz- What the Fuck is going on in my tummy?

Camel Cigarettes Are GOOD FOR YOU. Studies PROVE IT! Even DOCTORS SAY SO!!!!!

The Ad for the 57 Chevy... It describes the car as if it were a sexy woman.
But ya gotta admit, the 1957 Chevy IS a damn sexy automobile. true???

Fritos use a stereotyped Mexican song to make kids want to eat junk food and sing cool songs

Some Bullshit Bank Claiming you can TRUST them

Lucky Strike gives you words of wisdom from a Tobacco Expert (aka VERY BAD ACTOR)

Old Spice- For Marines, Sailors, Fishermen, or just fans of Popey. Guys like my Papa. I actually wear old spice sometimes now. i have some in my bathtub. But it always makes me think of my grandfather.

All the money spent on Soda adds the fuck up... Pepsi


Reynolds Aluminum SAYS "Peace on earth, blah blah blah, i'm so fucking PSYCHED Aluminum can be used in war! I hope we stay at war FOREVER!!! We'll be mad rich! I mean PEACE PEACE. It's Christmas, respect Jesus and shit. WAR RULES!"

Message To Veterans to STAY IN THE HOSPITAL (this one is just STRANGE)

POOR PEOPLE! Good News! This very UNHEALTHY CHEESE tastes Good and is cheap so you can eat a shitload of it!!!
And, PLUS, Philip Morris Tobacco thought it was such a great product that they own it now.

Velveeta is a Kraft product

Dupont's Rat Poison

Budwiser Will Get You LAID!!!!

And lastly, maybe its cuz i'm tired, but did this dude say planes were held together with rubber cement? that concerns me a little. well, whatever, i hope you've all enjoyed this learning experience
Tags: addiction, advertising, beer, big pharma, capitalism, cars, cigarettes, depression, drugs, food, history, lies, pop culture, poverty, racism, radio, sex, stuff, the media, war, women

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