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Writer's Block: Gotcha.

What is the best April Fools' Day joke you've ever fallen victim to?

One April fools, my mom let me sleep in on a school day. i don't remember how old i was, but when i got up, she was a the door and i asked her why she didn't get me up for school. She said she forgot to tell me i had a doctor's appointment. i said "for what?" and she said something like a new yearly shot i was gonna have to have with a giant needle in my bum and it was gonna be really painful. When she described the pain with a smile on her face, i figured out she was lying. But i was still confused as to why she had not gotten me up for school. She said "we got 2 feet of snow. look out the window" and we did nd i was like YAAAAAAAAAYYYYY! and i went out and played for a bit.

She had me for a minute though, and it is a good memory.

i haven't called my mom in a few days. HI MOM! IF U ARE READING THIS I AM ALIVE AND OK!!! (:

You know what would not be funny for April fools? If my money didn't show up. Then i'd be mad.

i saw the movie Shrooms tonight with J, C and Bronze. We rented it. We went into Blockbuster and Bronze had everyone in the store either laughing hysterically or nervously covering their children's ears. i don't know how i managed to go from being a hermit to rolling with such a rowdy crew, but that's my crazy life for ya.
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