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Under Wear? asked my Shoes who were Painting

In this post
i asked people to tell me what to journal about.
wanted me to write about my underwear, my shoes, and my favorite drawing materials.

I took these videos a few weeks ago and never put them up here, so now seems like a good time. Please enjoy all 6 videos and see my unique shoe collection.

As far as underwear go, i wear boxers, briefs or boxer-briefs. it doesn't really matter as long as they are clean.
my favorite pair of underwear are black boxers with some logo on it and it has a lil pocket inside it. i like pockets.

And my favorite mediums are...
cray pas

watercolor crayons

and most of all- Oil Paint Sticks

i also like pen and ink, pencil (for drawing only, NEVER for writing!), acrylic paint, conte, charcoal, colored pencils, sharpies.... i do it all. even crayons, but they HAVE to be Crayola or i won't use them (except in the case of watercolor crayons, but that is a whole different thing)
Tags: art, brands, grunge, meme, my videos, old skool, punk, shoes, style, underwear, videos

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