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yesterday i made a post about OPOSSUMS. There were photos in my post. I forgot to mention that i did not take those photos, even though i am a photographer. i would not have trapped a possom or painted over a dead one on the road. i'm personally against doing that sort of thing (even to ugly possums) I realized that i am a photographer and that usually when i post photos, they are my own photos. I try to tag those with the words "photography" "photos" etc. If you notice on my post from yesterday, the tags were "lolz" and "photoshop" because i found these photos on google images and then photoshopped the captions.

i hope i didn't freak anyone out. sorry if i did. although i'm not sorry for putting the captions on the pictures, cuz i enjoy lolz. they give the average person a chance to be an artist. they're stupid, but they make me laugh.... but i didn't actually harm or even come into contact with any Opossums. I just drove by a dead one on Broadway in Arlington the other night and it had just been hit and it creeped me out. It was like a GIANT dead rat. i decided i was gonna make a post about Opossums and how weird they are.

Often in my journal, i am abstract with what is my actuality.

anyway, thank you
Tags: animals, apology, art, edit, lolz, peace

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