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The Boston Music Scene

under a cut
Beauty & The Beat
Black Dialogue
Magnolia: Music from the Motion Picture
Wave of Mutilation: The Best of Pixies
Become What You Are
Aerosmith's Greatest Hits
Where You Been
The Best of James Taylor
2Pac - Greatest Hits
Home: Boston Underground Hip Hop
Politickin', Vol. 1
The Cars
Yes, Virginia...
Hips and Makers
A Carnival of Voices
Hangin' Tough
More Noise and Other Disturbances
Live Coverage
Fused Together in Revolving Doors
Best of the J. Geils Band
End of the Summer
Mo' Mega
I'll Sleep When You're Dead
State Lines
It's a Shame About Ray
Sudden Death Overtime
Last Splash
Live on St. Patrick's Day from Boston, MA at the Avalon Ballroom
Break the Cycle
Big Red Letter Day
The Real Ramona
Selling Celery to Get a Salary
A New Dope
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I just heard a song on the radio i liked. i didnt really hear all the lyrics, but it had a great fun beat. Coffee Shop by Yung Joc/Gorilla Zoe
i'm not generally into mainstream hip-hop, but it sounded dope. (:
Tags: 7l and esoteric, aerosmith, aimee mann, akrobatik, boston, boston music, breeders, cadence, chan, dinosaur jr, dresden dolls, edan, ellis paul, folk, hip hop, james taylor, melissa ferrick, morphine, mr. lif, new kids, perceptionists, pixies, punk, ska, the red chord, tupac

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