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Photography- Driving is my Drug

i have
can i give it back?

These are some pictures of my recent traveling to get my mind off shit.

these 2 pictures were taken in Lynn, Mass i think.
the others were taken there and all over massachusetts
struggle and J eat--- 3 for the bean
struggle thinks and gives 3 more for the bean
Struggle poses with the Boston Herald from the day before the Superbowl where the Patriots were predicted to WIN.
these are some of the cities in the Boston area like Revere, Chelsea, Lynn, and Everett
this Turkish looking place is in Salem, MA

House of Seven Gables in Salem, Mass...
J sliced his knuckle and ate a sub... a REAL sub- not that chain sub bullshit like Quiznos or Subway
me at J's and home with Moo
The Ridgevale Beach Bridge in Chatham, Mass (on Cape Cod)
the Cape is a couple hour drive from Boston
i drove here cuz it was a nice day when i left and i wanted to go somewhere peaceful and powerful to pray
but it got all rainy and cold and i was too sick to really stay long

Tags: anger, beach, boston, cape cod, chatham, chesea, cold, depression, driing, food, graffiti, greed, lynn, nature, ocean, patriots, photography, poor, revere, salem, somerville, struggle, travel, urban, winter, witches

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