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Boston Photos: Downtown Crossing and Allston

Gone Baby Gone came out on DVD today. I rented it tonight.
At first Jay didn't want to see it cuz he thought it was a chick flick.
It is not a chick flick. i don't even like chick flicks generally.
but yeah. i'm just typing cuz if i don't take up at least as many lines
as my user pic takes up, when i post 2 photos they wont line up.
i don't care i that makes sense. This is a photo post.
Today and yesterday.
1. allston  2. boston's best burritos betwen park street and downtown crossing
3. biker in downtown crossing  4. downtown crossing
5. boston cop car 6. downtown crossing
7. newspaper 8. walking towards the theatre district
9. 10. downtown crossing
11. this guy yelled at me for taking his picture 12. skater in downtown crossing
13. smoking nurse 14.skater in black and white
15. allston street 16. struggle in allston
17. allston street 18. people crossing in allston
(Allston is part of Boston btw)
19. struggle on the phone 20. allston  side street
21. 22. graffiti in allston
23. felt in boston 24. struggle
25. tattoo place and ritual arts 26. graffiti
27. guy in shorts 28. cambridge towers
  29. 30. allston doors

Tags: allston, bobericc, boston, cops, graffiti, homeless, photography, skateboarding, struggle, urban, winter

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