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i had company today. Bronze Budda came over with D Money to make some footage for youtube. Bobericc and Struggle were here too. I will post stuff up of Bronze and D Money tomorrow.

just thought i'd check in and say hey to everyone. how are all of you?

oh. moo got a haircut today. it looks like a 6 year old did it. however, it was me. it is not easy to give a cat a haircut. i don't own any clothes without hair all over them and J is allergic to the cat hair and since he is here a lot working on his music, i thought i'd get rid of some of her hair... and i did,,, but she is maaaaad.

she looks funny though. pictures of her tomorrow. i have to go have deep dreams and nightmares.
Tags: bobericc, bronze budda, d money, moo, style

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