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Boston Tales- Latest Great Boston Based Movie

Last Night I Saw Gone Baby Gone

I liked it a lot. Some of the accents sucked, but some of them were right on. Dotti was right on.
For those who don't know, Gone Baby Gone was the most recent Boston film to go Blockbuster or whatever. It is directed by Ben Affleck. I think his feelings were hurt that he wasn't in he Departed or something. ha. Anyway, his Bother, Cassie Affleck stars in it. He was a smaller role in Good Will Hunting the first (in my opinion) Boston movie to make a serious mark in Boston Films as it's own genre. If you haven't seen that, please do. I love it.

Good Will Hunting was directed   by Gus Van Sant
Gus Van Sant is doing a film about Harvey Milk in California, and my friend elsiemonster is gonna be in it. which is super cool.

The Boondock Saints  is another widely known and loved Boston movie, but it only spent a couple of days in the box office. It was poorly advertised or something, cuz its a fuckin great movie.

A Civil Action and Mystic River were two good movies about the Boston area that were made within the last ten years. They are worth seeing, but they don't have that real Boston feel like Goodwill Hunting, Boondock Saints, then last year's The Departed which won Martin Scorsese his well overdue first Oscar for Best Picture.
I don't know if i'd give Gone Baby Gone an Oscar, but it has earned 8 stars on imdb. I would say it is definitely worth seeing, and it was much more hopeful than The Departed.

Casey Affleck was good and the accent was a B+. Michelle Monaghan was pretty good. B on her accent. Morgan Freeman kind of stayed away from attempting the accent at all, which i always say is better than hearing someone fuck it up, so i give him props for that.

One of the best characters was played by Jill Quigg. There is no info on her, but she plays Dotti. She reminds me of so many people. ha ha. Anyway, you should check out the movie when you get a chance. I would give it an 89 out of 100. I like to switch up my rating system you know... all right, peace.

PS: even though these movies are great... there needs to be some good boston films that aren't mostly all about Irish dudes, cuz there is more to Boston than just that point of view. I guess i'm hoping that i'm gonna make that film, but i need to really get to work.
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