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kind of
what do i feel?
what is it?
what isn't it?

I just watched the movie Bomb the System. I really liked it. It is an artistic film about graffiti writers. There is a good plot and Bones Malone from Bone Thugs and Harmony is in it. He was also in one of my favorite artistic films of all time- Slam, a movie about a slam poet/rapper/weed dealer. I recomend both Slam and Bomb the System
driving down broadway in somerville at sunrise with the beacon hill monument sticking up in the middle ...and me
a cemetery in arlington and a street in somerville

we've been having these unusually warm days, where it is like 65 degrees farenheit but then it keeps getting cold and we get more snow
i was playing with the turntable and gizmo was playing in the chair
Oh, and while i was without the computer for a couple weeks i did some cleaning and found some of my old art.
the first two are of ani difranco... or at least based on her. i did them both in 1996/1997, and since i am seeing her next week it seems appropriate to start with these
1. both hands 1996-1997  2. out of range 1996
3. sunset lovers 1995   4. graduation stress 1996  5. reflection 1995
6. chucks and baggy pants 1994/95?  7. face 1994
8. brick 2006  9. sun goddess 1996
Tags: acrylic, art, bomb the system, boston, conte, cray pas, finger paint, indy film, pastels, photography, reviews, self portraits, snow, winter

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