djcliche (djcliche) wrote,

Writer's Block: My Sixth Grade Jam

What was your favorite song in sixth grade? What does it make you think of?

10 Songs i liked in 6th grade (1989/1990)

1. sinead o'connor- nothing compares to you
2. martika- toy soldiers
3. skid row- i remember you
4. bobby brown- don't be cruel
5. neneh cherry- buffalo stance
6. tears for fears- sewing the seeds of love
7. new kids on the block- please don't go girl
8. paula abdul- opposites attract
9. madonna- like a prayer
10. milli vanilli- blame it on the rain

talk about old skool.
1. makes me think about erin riley, my aunt martha, bald women and the pope
2. makes me think of my old best friend, my cousin missi, a sleepover party at my cousin's house, addiction, my own early years of using drugs and alcohol, being in love with my best friend, going to the woburn mall and eating pizza
3. makes me think about singing my guts out on the living room floor while babysitting my little sister's while my parents went grocery shopping
4. makes me think of my 6th grade home room and this girl who was known as the other "slut" in my grade. i was the other one. she liked bobby brown.
5. makes me think of dress rehearsal at the playhouse and eating many sugar cubes and having our stage make-up put on
6. makes me think of watching mtv in the morning before school and waiting for my carpool ride
7. makes me think about joey macintyre and my pathetic pre-teen lust for his pretty face and squeaky voice.
8. makes me think about my rebel neighbor friend growing up who i always got in trouble with and we were going to lip sync this song in a contest but we chickened out. i was going to be the man
9. makes me think about the way the like a prayer tape smelled. and it makes me think of watching madonnathons all weekend long on vh1 and of hiding vodka in a pink elephant shaped thermos under my bed
10. makes me think about the tv show sister kate and about this kid i met on line like 10 years ago who although we never met, he made an impact on my life
Tags: music, old skool, sixth grade, videos, writer's block

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