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"I'm Going To Hell" by Jymi Cliche

tightening my fat ass
i'm trying not to pass gas.
it's sunday mass -
my thoughts are crass
and i look up at a statue of Jesus
nailed to a cross
Who is the boss?
the Priest or God?
just listen and nod...
and kneeeeeeeel
and pray your sins away
if not today then never
cuz God controls the lever
to life or death or heaven or hell
Will i live to tell?
Hey, what's that smell?
Oh Shit! Human flesh
i've burned to death

the end
that is my poem for today
wicked cliche'

oh yeah, speaking of cliche... i stumbled upon this page recently...
it is a page dedicated to cliche's, called Cliche' Finder
Tags: church, cliche, god, jesus, poetry, sin

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