djcliche (djcliche) wrote,

Shot In the Hood- Another Edition of Boston Tales

Here is a video playlist. The first video is a news story from Boston about a Citgo gas station selling crack pipes in the hood. The next 6 videos are a documentary called "Shot In the Hood" and it was made by a former Boston Police officer who saw he could be making more of a difference with film than by being a Boston cop. He interviews some kids from a part of my city that claims the lives of teenagers almost every day. It is a sad world we live in that kids are killing eachother and we are just making things worse for them in this country. So if you have time to watch, please do, and say a prayer for the children of Boston and all over this crazy world.

Tags: addiction, bling, blunts, boston, cocaine, consumer slavery, crack, drugs, fear, film, jail, massachusetts, peace, shot in the hood, videos, violence, war, youtube

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