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Voice Post:

313K 1:32
“Sadness comes in desperation, sadness is failed expectations,
sadness killed by pimps and ho's, sadness killed by lines of blow.
Sadness is a gang rape in a stable. Sadness- Is your madness on the table?
Sticking to my roots. Small child in big boots
Became a mute when people came askin'
12 years old, sipping from a flask,
thinkin' my life had already gone past.
I saw fame and fortune. I tasted filth and foul
My whore mentor reminded me of an owl.
Here's a towel, try to dry your tears
as wicked cliche' recaps his early years
I was a kid you could bid for better with
but if you came to the battle with fists, i gave in.
See, i believed i wasn't worth the sin. But things have changed
since then and now i want to win.
I make them spin as their chins are held high with ear to ear grins
cuz ignorance is bliss.
I try to keep the battle to the talent.
That way i can stay up top like Prince Valient.
I won't be violent just cuz you're eyein' me,
but if you keep tryin' me you won't be lyin' beside me
while i have the key to bein' free
and you'll still be on the street, selling your shit to the VIP.

Sadness killed by pimps and ho's. Sadness killed by lines of blow.”

Transcribed by: multiple users

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