djcliche (djcliche) wrote,

i'm not feeling well.
i'm coughing and snot is running from my nose and no matter how many times i wipe it, the nasal juice keeps coming. it didn't help any that i just watched some tearjerker movie about a dying 16 year old kid who's last wish is to spend the weekend with a supermodel. it was a cute movie called One Last Thing. it just happened to be on tv and i happen to be on the couch sick.
Now i am watching the Kate Clinton special on Logo. it's kind of weird. not as funny as her old stuff... i have been a Kate Clinton fan since 1992. the summer before high school. she is a lesbian stand up comedian. Her partner, Urvashi Vaid is a writer of several non-fiction books on cultural studies.
I saw Kate Clinton perform in P-Town about 7 years ago at the Vixen. It was cool.
i need a tissue. my nose is gonna look like Rudolf's.

My family Christmas party was last night. It was fun.
Okay. Have a good one everybody.
Tags: christmas, kate clinton, lea delaria, lesbians

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