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4 Canidates Speak....of Bitchery and Crack and all that is between

... I'm Hillary Clinton and I Approve this Message.
 No bitch, I approve this messege
 Hey Mitt, why don't you be my bitch?
 All you bitches ain't shit. I'm gonna win this bitch.
 You're not gonna win me with that kind of language
 I'm talkin' about the election.
 Hey Hillary- Are you really a dyke?
 You can't call me a dyke!... unless you're really a drag queen.
 Drag Queen

(interrupts Romney) i'll kill you motherfucker
 Your mothah!
 We Approve this message
 And say no to crack rocks
 And yes to ass crack
 What the Fuck??? Hey Mitt, bend over so i can stick my dick in ya

Tags: america, comedy, gay, google, hillary clinton, humor, lesbians, mitt romney, obama, politics, tranny, wtf

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