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Dj Cliche' Kicks it Time One

Ray Charle's cover of eleanor rigby, which he calls "lonely people" and i have for a long time called this the best cover song ever. jimi hendrix covering "all along the watchtower" by bob dylan made second place. (in my list of best covers ever, which i should look for and type up some time)

Father and Son by Cat Stevens
this is a song from the 70's by One of my facvorite 70's folk rock hippy artists. (In addition to Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Simon & Garfunkle, Neil Young, Carole King, James Taylor, Loggins & Messina and many others as well)

this video is strange. it is an amphibian with attitude. an animated trippy comedy i guess... someone described it as an acid trip. there is some offensive language.

this is a video someone made to go along with the poem "self Evident" by ani difranco. the 9 minute, 11 second spoken word she wrote only a few days after 9/11/01. It is a powerful poem. Right Wing Americans will not like this one.

this is from Gilda Live. (filmed in theearly 80's.) it is a video of Father Guido Sarducci talking about his idea for the 5 Minute University.
it is an SNL character, not a real priest.

A Recent Rap video by El-P featuring Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails.
It's called Flyentology

Boston rappers 7L and Esoteric video. It is a cartoon Sims Style of a visit to the psychiatrist. There is some offensive language as well as imagery. But its a pretty cool video.
*edit:I do apologize for the picture that pops up. it really sux that they used that image as the video start image. its not really a video about pedophelia. it kind of creeps me out that they chose this image...

Another dope rap outta Boston. (Termanology- Watch How It Go Down)
strong language, some violence and drug content

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