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Wild Side by Marky Mark. Boston Tales Part 1

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(no transcription available)

the sound quality is kind of sucky. i just held the phone to the car speaker.

This is part 1 of what i'm calling "Boston Tales"

I wanted to point out the lyrics in which he talks about Charles Stewart, the wife killer who blamed a black man for the murder and caused a mini race riot in Boston back in 1988 or 1989.
Charles Stewart and his wife Carol lived in Reading, the town i grew up in. I have mentioned this before.
However, Marky Mark (aka Mark Whalberg, the actor from Boston, brother of Donnie Whalberg, the former New Kid on the Block/actor), also talks about "little Tiffany", a young girl who was accidently shot and killed in a drive by shooting around that same time.
"Wild Side" by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch came out in 1991. In 1996, i bought a compilation CD of some Boston folk singers, and listening to the songs, i realized one of the songs was about that same little girl. I will put that song up later.

for now- peace
Tags: boston, charles stewart, folk, marky mark, murder, new kids, old news, racism, rap, reading

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