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Freedom Writers Review

That is the trailer for Freedom Writers, followed by a clip from Dangerous Minds, which was an almost identicle movie, made in 1995 or 1996.

i watched Freedom Writers with my grandmother the other night. I would give it a C+, where i would give it's twin Dangerous Minds a B+.
I enjoyed both movies, and i think Freedom Writers might have been a better movie to watch with my grandmother, but i prefer Dangerous Minds. It has a hot Michelle Phiffer, the kid who played "the Freak" in Hackers is in it as well, and it's less cheesy.
But yeah. I give it a C+. It is worth renting if you like tearjerker dramas. And if you haven't seen Dangerous Minds, rent that too.

I actually own Dangerous Minds on video. I saw it 3 times in the theatre that year. I actually wasn't into rap back then, so it was not Coolio's video for Gangster's Paradise that lured me to see the movie, it was the fact that it was my last year of high school at a school for kids with issues. Kids who were very much like the kids in that movie, and the teachers at the school were so amazing. They ade that kind of huge difference every day with kids who had almost given up on education for good. It changed my life to go to that school, so movies about that kind of thing makes me happy.
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