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No Country For Old Men

Between an F and an A+ i give this film an A. In otherwords, it was a great film. It was artistic, deep, suspenseful, thrilling, well written, well directed and well acted.
It was unique and interesting. I would recommend it.

The only reason it didn't get an A+ (from me) is cuz i reserve the right to grade however i want and i save A+ for movies that inspire me to a point that i am changed forever. It's a personal thing, so although No Country For Old Men did not probably make an indent on my life's view, it was worth the trip to the movies.

I went to see it with my cousin Mike yesterday in Coolige Corner. It is only playing in like 20 theatres in the whole US right now. I think it officilly comes out next week.
It is by the Coen Brothers who are 2 of my favorite directors. I think i recently reviewed their film "The Man Who Wasn't There" which is the only film of theirs so far that i haven't loved.

We got to Coolige Corner at about 7:10 for the 7:30 show. We were too late for that show. They were sold out. It is a small place with only 2 theatres in it. The Darjeeling Limited was playing in the other theatre so the next viewing of No Country For Old Men was at 9:45. Mike really wanted to see it, so we bought the tickets to the 9:45 show. It was about 35 degrees farenheit last night. that is 3 small degrees above freezing. I was only wearing a t shirt with a hoody over it, jeans and i had my sneakers on with no socks, which turned out to be quite cold.

We were going to eat at The Upper Crust, a very good pizza place next door to the theatre. But everyone seemed to have that idea. As we walked in to the pizza place, Mike also mentiond he had no money left, so i knew we had to eat something fairly cheap, because i was gonna have to pay for us both. The only other cheap places in that main area were packed full as well. I figured we had almost 3 hours to kill, so i suggested we go over to Lucky Wah. It is this hole in the wall Chinese food place on Beacon Street, 3 blocks up from the Coolige Corner T stop (Going towards Cleveland Circle where Boston College is, not Kenmore Square where Fenway Park is)

I used to eat at Lucky Wah when i went to Beacon High School/New Perspectives. We got an hour or an hour and a half every day to leave school and go to lunch in Coolige Corner. They serve a lot of good food for not a lot of money so we would often go in on a couple meals to feed 3 to 5 of us. I'm glad they are still there.
Oh yeah, and RAMI's is still there! i'm so relieved. Last time i was there i thought my favorite falofal place had been closed down, but it has not. Now I will have to go into Coolige again for a falofal and hummus pita. Plus i have to get to the smoke shop to buy myself a new set of Cosmic Wimpout Dice.

After eating at Lucky Wah, Mike and i went to the bookstore and sat and read some light reading books until it was time for the movie. The line was out the door and around the corner, but we at least had tickets and we got good seats in the middle of the back row. It was a fun night.
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