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First, i'm posting this for Sahm, but all of you should check it out. I get this stuck in my head a lot. It is a KICK ASS song. and the video is totally cute.

Millionare by Kelis featuring Andre 3000

Freaky Short Film about a Bad LSD Trip (could be hard to watch for people with psychotic disorders)

Native American Rapper Rez- keep on moving (pretty freakin' awesome)

Arrested Development- People Everyday... an early 90's southern hip hop song that will never get old to me. i love these guys)

The Trailer for the movie Dancer in the Dark, starring Bjork. a brilliant...brilliant movie (very depressing tho) The trailer is even good.... as is the soundtrack, although i was disapointed that it didnt have ALL the songs from the movie

A Music Video Classic...
Subteranean Homesick Blues by Bob Dylan

Indulge in the Reggae on this hot summah day (its hot as hell here)
The Harder They Come by Jimmy Cliff (from the movie of the same name, which he is in and i HIGHLY recommend.)

A Buffy/Faith Slash video to Teenage Dirtbag

Anyone who Enjoys BOTH the Violent Femmes AND Funny pictures of Animals will love this. Even if u only really like 1 or the other, its cool. Not the best video ever, but definately enjoyable if you need to smile about something randomx.

You might HATE this, unless you are amused by little skater punks screaming about politics. i love them. They were called Old Skull. i've been a fan of them since the mid 90's. they are my age-ish now and i think 2 are in the band Leftover Crack

This is the Lovely Lesbian Guitarist Melissa Ferrick from Ipswitch Mass who puts on some phenominal concerts and plays a mean guitar. i love her. I've only seen her 3 times. i want to see her again and again. (folk/rock) People compare her to Melissa Ethridge but i'm not really into Melissa Ethridge. I recognize that she can rock...but i rarely get excited over her. I have a big old crush on Mz. Ferrick.


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Jun. 28th, 2007 05:59 am (UTC)
awesome post Jymi

I've heard of that Millionaire song but never have seen the video - it was really great to see it.

And arrested development - what an awesome band .. love their music .. loved that album in particular.

Jun. 28th, 2007 06:33 am (UTC)
yeah, i still have that arrested development cd. i cant believe i'm still awake. i've been up for 36 hours. it has been 100 degrees F for 24 of those hours, i havent eaten anything healthy in a few days. i'm very tired and clammy feeling. i hate being afraid.
but i just spent 2 hours writing back to my ex who i got an unexpected email from that i'm glad i read. she finally took ownership for her part of the problems we were having. that was all i needed to forgive her, because in reality, the breakup wasnt even all that much our fault. we loved eachother too much. strange, but even love in excess isnt good. particularly when you dont love yourself.
but i think i do love myself now, even if it took a divorce, many drinking bingess and detoxes, a suicide attempt, a rape and then stalking and manipulation by my rapist for it to happen. i SUPPOSE it might have even been worth it, cuz i'll have a much better chance at survival if i care about myself.
anyway, thanks for letting me drop that all on you. i'm so fucking exhausted.
i will eat something tomoorow. i will go buy a healthy meal and woolf it down like a person who just got out of jail or a hospital. i hate when i forget to eat. its like, i weigh 230 pounds still, so i'm still quite fat. i am only 5 foot 2. i did almost weigh 300 tho so i lost a lot. my intersex condition actually caused my metabolism to pretty much stop working, so even tho i wasnt generally overeating, anything i ate would stay in me, and the fatter i became, the more depressed i got and the more depressed, the more i would eat.
people often say they wish they could forget to eat, but it really sucks cuz i'm hungry, but i have more importanht things on my mind, or so i think, and then a day goes by or two and i realize i forgot to eat cuz i cant think at all anymoire and i start sweating and breaking out in acne...cuz my body is detoxing from food and when i finally muster up the strength to go get a meal, i woolf it down, shaking like a person who never ate before.
well now i'm depriving myself sleep so i better go to bed and take my meds cuz if i forget those i feel sick to. fucked up whirlled
Jun. 29th, 2007 12:28 pm (UTC)
Hey Jymi ...

Please look after yourself .. eat sensibly and more often and try and get some more sleep .. are you still at that address you sent me (posting vegemite tomorrow ... :) ... do you feel safe ... just sleep as much as you can ok ...

Jun. 30th, 2007 06:09 pm (UTC)
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