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Halloween Pictures- Past and Present

unfortunately, i couldnt find mot of my Halloween pictures from the past. i only found a few years, plus a few pictures of a Halloween party in the 70's that my parents were at.... so... here are some photos... enjoy and have a Happy and Safe Halloween.

1. this is me as a witch and my sister lisa as a bumble bee. i think this was taken in 1984. 
2. my sister Nikki (nicole) with our favorite ugly mask on, dancing in her pj's.

3. My sisters Lisa and Nikki in our kitchen in 1988 i think. Lisa is a witch, Nikki is a bunny
4. A picture from a Halloween party my sister Nikki was at. She is the one dressed as a punk with tiger stripes. I'm thinking that was probably 1993 or 1994.
5 & 6. Even further back, this is my father and my mother dressed as Gypsies in the mid 1970's
7. other people at the Halloween party my parents were at.
8 & 9. Me dressed as a punky goth in either 1999 or 2000  10. a picture of my alter in my bedroom around that same year
11. Lia took this picture of me in my ears in 2003.  12. This is not a Halloween costume, but it looks like a costume on me. It was my wedding day though. That was in 2004.
13. Today, Halloween 2007, me semi dressed as a baby  14. Also today, and although not a costume, i look kind of like a leprechon in this photo. 
15 & 16. Gizmo says she wants to play dress up too. I told her she could be Quadrupal Eared Super Kitty. That was as best a picture i could get of her wearing the ears though because,
17 &18. she just wanted to eat them
 happy halloween
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