djcliche (djcliche) wrote,

Bernie and Phyl's

I think that Phyl of the Massachusetts furniture store Bernie & Phyl's is sick, possibly with Parkinson's. Is that a disease that makes your head all wobbly looking and stuff? I remember thinking that she looked like she had something like that going on in their last tv commercial they were in. That was a month or so ago. I've noticed Bernie and Phyl are no longer in their ads. They've hired other people with painful Boston accents to sing about how nice "quality, comfort and price" are.
As much as their ads have always made me want to cringe, i kind of miss them.

here are 3 local boston ads
1. bernie and phyl's (this is one of the new ones without them. but it has bernie's voice)
2. the christmas tree shop (also known as "a store to bring Jymi Cliche to if you wish to torture him")
3. boston costume at the garment district in cambridge. their ads are awesome. they are pretty awesome in general


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