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This is my friends grx and instantkarmma 's band Civita.

Transitions...Live At Hell's Kitchen By Civita

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A few more ROCK videos
18 and Life by Skid Row (Sebastian Bach is so pretty)

okay this is rap but 18 and life made me remember this song for some reason. i mean, i listen to this song a lot, but i have not shared the video
Children's Story by Slick Rick

Why Go by Pearl Jam

Sanitarium by Metallica

We Care A Lot by Faith No More

Signs - the Tesla version

All We Are by Warlock

Hunger Strike by Temple of the Dog

Tags: 80's music, civita, doro, faith no more, heavy metal, jail, jean-paul, mel vin, metallica, pearl jam, psych wards, skid row, slick rick, temple of the dog, tesla, videos, warlock

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