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Happy Craigslist Red Sox Tickets Story

On Craigslist in Boston, there was a post n Oct 22nd saying...

2 FREE box seats for the Wed. night game at Fenway

I am currently recovering from life saving cancer surgery at the Brigham And Womens Hospital in Boston and unable to attend the first World Series game at Fenway on Wed. night. I think it would be to cool to give my two tickets give to a fan who deserves them. The seats are 2 rows behind the Sox dugout. Please send me a pic of yourself since I want to see the face of the person who will be in my seat and tell me why you and your guest deserve this amazing present. I will take the 10 best responses and draw a name from a hat at 10 am tomorrow morning, contact the winner via e-mail, and the winner has 15 minutes to respond back so I can sent them the tickets overnight or you may pick them up at my downtown Boston office with proper picture ID until 3pm tomorrow. If the winner does not respond in 15 minutes I will draw another name and the same rules will apply. I request anyone wanting the tickets be 21 or older and act in a respectful manner at Fenway with your guest if I give you the tix. They are my personal season tix so I want only mature responsible people with my seats so if you and your guest are the obnoxious rowdy drunk type of fan stay away please. I request your guest be 21 or older as well. Good luck!
Today the person posted again

Winner of my 2 FREE tix for the game tonight
I got responses from a lot of cool people who ALL deserved my tickets for the game tonight. I took the ten best responses with pics included and threw them in a hat. The winner is Mary M. from Stoneham, MA. Mary will be taking her 12 year old son Matthew who was diagnosed with cancer last spring and is currently fighting his disease and getting great medical treatment. Mary and Matt insisted on picking up the tickets in my hospital room and this kid's dream came true. He was so happy and told me that I was his hero. I truly wish I had a pair of seats for all of you very cool people who sent me letters and pics. I will be thinking about all of you while I watch the game tonight. God Bless each and every one of you.

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