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Hometown Meme

I am posting some pictures from the town i grew up in. You can do this too if you want and memeanize your actions...

Reading Ma... 
not to be depressing, but the first relivant photo is of Joseph Doherty Funeral Home. Every funeral i have ever been to has been here, although i don't know if they will continue to be here, cuz the owner died this past year. He was very good to my family. And he was a really cool guy.

some house
these feilds are by the high school
last year this guy was convicted of a 1975 murder of a 14 year old. This happened in Reading where he lived. 
the Unitarian Universalist Church. although most Reading people are catholic
these are the water fireworks at the Jordan's Furniture. There is also an IMAX theatre in the store as well as a trapese school and many eateries and everything in the main room is made of jellybeans. It's the coolest furniture store ever.

here is the high school. it sucks ass.
this is the confusing traffic light in the center. i never have a clue if i'm supposed to stop or go wit this light and neither has anyone else in Reading
this is Parker Tavern. the oldest house in Reading
this is charles stewart and his wife carol who he killed and then he killed himself when the police caught on to him
Thomas Junta, the hockey dad who accidently killed another hockey dad in a fight over their son's game at the Burbank Arena in Reading.
and last and least... The Reading Rockets logo for the RMHS sports teams

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