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october so far, in photographs

starting out with me in my red sox hat.
1. me

2. gizmo 3. one of the steamy bohemians whispering to machete before her performance at jerus circus at the lizard lounge
43 more pics. medium sized, click to enlarge
vampires in boinkland
outside and inside the lizard lounge
machete dressed as henry the 8th's 3rd wife, and some annoying tip girl
the straightjacket escape artist
Gizmo posing for some cute pictures
me posing for some cute pictures
My Sugar Bowl, finished and fired. It says "Bad Liver and a Broken Heart" on top (from a Tom Waits song)
my fist, 2 days after i beat up a wall (i was angry) and my arm after my walk through the thorns. 
Here is where the thorns were. I went for a walk down by a place i used to go to mditate but the entrance i used to take was entirely thorn covered. I made it through anyhow....

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