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September in Pictures

here we go. i found the camera cord. here is some September. not too interesting.
Me at Clay Dreams in Arlington. My friend Machete and i went there for our birthdays. This is my painted pot. I will pick it up next week and it will look different after it's been fired. i'll photograph it later.

machete painting her bowl. This is her bowl pre-fireing

This is the paint and my sponge/eraser. When you paint pottery, the colors are all pastel or dull looking when you begin. Clay Dreams gives you a plate with samples of all the colors AFTER they have been fired, so you get to choose the color by what it WILL look like. It's cool and weird.  ..................and there's Machete looking up making a funny face. She is wearing a Jem and the Holigrams T-shirt.
I had a Jem doll for about 5 minutes when i was 9. My cousin purposely broke it  right after i recieved it. oh well.
Machete's piece was more detailed than mine, so when i finished painting my pot, i painted my placemat. Oh and there i am again.
that was not supposed to be a gun up on top of me, though it does resemble one

Gizmo likes to hide. I've been cleaning, so the Giz has found new favorite spots. (: So cute iz my Giz

My new fish bathroom mat and world map shower curtain. There will be a new photo of the curtaian later, with names inserted.
I put up some posters. It made me happy. Bob Dylan in the center.  I've had that poster in my posession since i was 14. Before that, it was in my parent's records since the early/mid 70's i think. It came with Bob Dylan's Self Portrait album. Above it is Kanye West Graduation. Also pictures of jimi hendrix, RHCP, robot chicken, john and yoko, ani difranco, janet jackson, bob marley, matisyahu... etc
the 3rd picture is more posters plus one of my paintings, my table, etc. BTW, the postered room is my bedroom.
This is my bed. Sadly i only have a single bed at the moment, my bed from childhood, but i do have a blowup double bed in the closet just in case. I put that sheet up because my neighbor across from my window told me he liked to watch me through the window. CREEPY!
The sheet is back on my bed hoever, and has been replaced by a black throw with skeletons on it.... Oh and there i am I was trying to show my fat tummy that i'm working on losing. you can see it start to get big but it doesnt show i all.
I went to Reading to take a walk at the park near where i used to live. (again) i like to walk there.

LOOK! I'm a camera whore! Yay how awesome! My hair is getting long.
i took these pics of the horse and goat a couple days ago near my therapist. 
And THAT my friends, is it for now


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