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Where I Live Now- Arlington

Arlington is a town six miles (10 km) northwest of Boston.
Several Busses come through Arlington. The 350 and 79 will take you to Alewife, the end stop on the red line T (subway). The 77 will take you to Porter Sq. in Cambridge, Leslie University or all the way to Harvard Sq. in Cambridge, where Harvard University is located as well as being a cool place to hang out. The Pit in Harvard Sq. is a well known people watching area and hangout for teens and adults who don't fit in anywhere else, many of whom are or have been homeless for one reason or another.

The town of Arlington was once called Menotomy.
neitherday AKA The Madwoman of Menotomy got her name from Arlington's old town name. There is a Menotomy Ave. or Street, and Arlington, once a "dry" town (meaning no bars or liquor stores were to be allowed in the town) recently changed the law to only include Hard Liquor sales and Menotomy Beer and Wine just opened on Broadway St. a few months ago.

Places I like in Arlington for Shopping Fun:
The Book Rack on Medford St (a really cool used book store)
*Easy Convienient Store is good for insence, cloves and other convienient store stuff. I like them cuz i know some of them from when i lived in Reading. Their family has a store there too.
*Trader Joes in Arlington Heights is a great place for healty, natural foods, and its a lot more affordable than Whole Foods or even Natural sections of local grocery stores
*Stop and Shop- i usually get my groceries here, but i may switch cuz i don't want to suport them anymore for political reasons.
*Playtime Inc. is an awesome craft and art supply store on Broadway. They have pretty much anything you would need for crafting or fine art, for good prices. I love them. As an artist, Playtime is great to have nearby.
*Art Beat is a neat little store near the movie theatre that sells craft supplies as well. They don't have as many options, but all their stuff is top quality, whereas at Playtime you can get top quality, but you can also get cheaper stuff that is still decent. Artbeat also has classes and open studios and is next to a really cool gift shop which i cannot recall the name of.
*There is a musical instrument store, a costume store, a camera store, a motercycle store/shop, a comic store, i dunno, all sorts of things
*Clay Dreams is across from the movie theatre and you can pick out an already sculpted bowl, teapot, mug, trivet, candy dish, spoon rest, plate, etc to paint. i have a chalace and a bowl i made there and i will be picking up my finished sugar bowl thing this week. You will see pictures when i find my camera cord....yes i lost it again.

For Food: We have some chain stores such as Dunkin Donuts (of course we have several of those, this is New England. everyone can walk to a dunkin donuts from their home)
Papa Ginos, Dominoes, Panara Bread, Brighams (although Brighams ORIGINATED here), Starbucks, Not You Average Joe's, etc...

My FAVORITE places to eat in Arlington:
* Sweet Chilli for Thai food. I have been coming to Arlinton to eat at Sweet Chilli since i was 17. I didn't move to or even live that close to Arlington until i was 24. Sweet Chilli is the BEST! Not to mention that they offer almost all their meals in vegetarian as well as meat, and many people who do not like Tofu do like the Tofu at Sweet Chilli. I don't. i hate tofu and i get chicken there usually, but i have many vegetarian pals who love Sweet Chilli.
* Also good to eat in Arlington is Za! A sit down resteraunt with strange but good pizzas and salads. The other day my friend Machete got a macaroni and cheese pizza there. weird.
*Krazy Karry's is great for a burger, fries and a thick frappe. This is not very healthy for you, but once in a while it's DAMN good. A family kind of atmosphere, you place your order and pay at the front and then they bring your meal to your seat.
* La Buona Vita has AMAZING real Italian dishes. Meals start around $11. Average meal without wine or whatever will be $15 or $16. That can be pricey for people like me but it is worth it now and then. I love their Gnocci.
* Sabotino's is my favorite for take out. Their food is just sooooo good. I love their Margherita pizza (fresh toatoes, fresh mozzerella, fresh basil and garlic. AWESOME!)
and last but certainly not least, my other favorite restaraunt in Arlington:
* Zocalo Cocina Mexicana. On Broadway. Real authentic Mexican food and its GREAT!

There are other places to eat and shop, but those are my favorites.
Arlington also has several ponds and streams going through. I live nearest to Spy Pond and i really love it there. It's beautiful. I also enjoy walking the path near the swamp and Skate Park. Unfortunately i never see anyone good skating there. It's too bad, cuz its a nice park. The famous bike path goes through Arlington as well. It's sort of like a bicycle highway, taking you from town to town without having to deal with cars.

Some interesting History...Wikipedia says,

"Paul Revere's famous midnight ride to alert colonists took him through Menotomy, now known as Arlington. Later on that first day of the American Revolution, more blood was shed in Menotomy than in the battles of Lexington and Concord combined. Minutemen from surrounding towns converged on Menotomy to ambush the British on their retreat from Concord and Lexington. All in all, 25 colonials were killed in Menotomy (half of all Americans killed in the day's battles), as well as 40 British troops (more than half their fatalities).
The Jason Russell House is today a museum which remembers those twelve Americans, including Russell himself, who were killed in and around this pictured dwelling on April 19th, 1775. Bullet holes are visible in the interior walls to this day."

Every year on (memorial day i think) the Minutemen march through the old colonial towns like Concord and Lexington and they end their march pretty much right next to former house_of_clocks

Some famous Arlingtonians are actress Olympia Dukakis, Ray Magliozzi the co-host of "Car Talk"
on NPR, Francis Thompson, owner of Moxie Co, son of Moxie inventor, Allen "Blind Owl" Wilson (singer/guitarist from rock band Canned Heat),
Samuel Wison the meat packer AKA "Uncle Sam" and of course,
Dane Cook the comedian who can be friggin hillrious but occaisionally boring.
Oh yeah, and the dreaded haired kid who as arrested for putting up Moononite advertisements which the Boston Police mistook for bombs. oops.

Pictures and Videos

1.Olympia Dukakis playing Weezer in Steel Magnolias. (The grumpy lady in the chair)
2. The Dreaded Hair Guy who put up the Aqua Teen Hunger ads acts like a jerk and talks about 70's haircuts
3. A man in Maine talks about Moxie soda
4. Dane Cook the comedian, a clip of his comedy. Warning! Explicit language
5. Canned Heat playing "Let's Work Together"
6. Uncle Sam, Goddamn by Brother Ali the albino rapper i recently became a fan of


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