djcliche (djcliche) wrote,

Do they Brag about George Bush at his High School?

my cousin is/was thinkingh of going to Phillips Academy in Andover. She would need to get a scholarship to afford it and would commute instead of live there, but it got me thinking... cuz i think that George Bush went there. And i was thinking how colleges and prep schools love to tell visiters and campus tourists about all the famous people who went to school there, but i wonder, does Phillips gladly brag about George Bush having gone there, or do they not mention it? Cuz you know, for the money people pay for that place... a high school no less, you want to be sure your kid's gonna get a good education. Being all "Bush went here" could make potential students think "that idiot went HERE?" but then again, that idiot is president.
so... i wonder if Bush is a selling point or a deterant.

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