djcliche (djcliche) wrote,

Voice Post: well i'm not quite 29 yet

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“Who am I, who am I, who am I, who am I. I'm a artist, a creator, I piss off all the haters(?). I am loving, I am scared, I'm a gender bender with a beard. I am lonely but I'm loved, I am sick of being shoved around & pushed to the ground. I am curious, I am real, I am afraid to feel. I'm going to heal. I love girls, I love to write, I find God in the moon at night. I have CPTSD(?), my soul needs to be free. I am fat but losing weight, I am filled with love instead of hate. I am odd, I love Cape Cod. I am a sinner & a saint. I love to finger paint. I am strong, I am a survivor. Me & my Papa used to watch McGyver. I'm a multiple & I have littles. I prefer chocolate to skittles. I'm a friend & I'm a foe, I'm universal ho. I'm alive, I'm 29 & it's not time for me to go. Peace.”

Transcribed by: djcliche

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