djcliche (djcliche) wrote,

More Pop-Rock and Rap from Boston

*Tracy Chapman- Revolution (she is not originally from Boston, but went to school here and got famous here)
*The Dresden Dolls- Sing (unsure of musical catergory, but damn good gender benders)
*Kristin Hersh- Me and My Charms (video is a fan video from the 90's movie Foxfire starring Angelina Jolie, Jenny Shimizu and Jenny Lewis)
*Juliana Hatfeild sings on My So Called Life (90's TV show starring Claire Danes and Jared Leto)
*The Breeders- Devine Hammer (grunge?)
*Letters to Cleo- Here and Now (grunge?)
*Jim's Big Ego- Assholes Have Taken Over (folk humor. he's on cartoon network i think. i saw him at a house conert in my current city years ago. this is about bush administration)
*Talking Heads- Road to Nowhere (80's new wave pop rock)
*New Kids on the Block- Please Don't Go Girl (boy band)
*J Giles Band- Centerfold (80's pop rock)
*The Cars- You Might Think (80's rock)
*Throwing Muses- Ruthie's Knocking (alternative)


*Chan and Singapore Kane- Street Legends
*Mr Lif- Pull Out Your Cut (DJ Hype remix)
*Kreators- Foreign Lands
*Edo G- Love Comes and Goes
*The Perceptionists- Black Dialogue
*Mr Lif and Edan- Making Planets



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