djcliche (djcliche) wrote,

with 9/11 on it's way, the 1st tuesday since the attack

i think what happened on 9/11/01 was horrible. It is just awful how many people died such painful scary deaths and a world in fear and pain.... all of that is horrible and sad. Yes, you could say we as American's had it coming. But that kind of horror is sad and scary no matter what, and innocent people were killed... of course, Americans kill innocent people all the time. Why? what's our deal?
I've been doing a little research to get these numbers, although i know the casualty count is approxamite. Why do they call murder casualty in war? Casual makes me think of comfort, not death.
So, anyway, on my 23rd birthday, 9/11/01, 2,749 people died from a terrorist attack on the twin towers in new york city. (Ironically the group of terrorists who did this attack includes Mr. Bush, but we are not supposed to know that)
This attack on 9/11 was a result of the war in which the most powerful people in the world are fighting. Who will be #1? Who will own everything and be the richest most powerful person in the world? Let's have our minions fight out our battle. That is the setup of this war we are at.

1. The first video on my playlist is funny but also disturbing. It's like, Look- a monkey with money! This is one of the world's most powerful people. We have problems. What a moron.
Will he throw us bananas or shit?.... shit of course. The bananas are for him only.

Knowing full well that we would fail, the Bush administration decided to send misinformed soldiers to die in Iraq. To "avenge" the attack on the world trade center that killed 2,749 people, Bush and his gang have allowed approximately 4,144 more people to die. So, all together almost 7,000 people have died so that Bush can golf in peace. MOST of the soldiers who have died have been young men and women age 18 to 22. 4,144 people, Mostly adolescents have died to protect George Bush and his gang and make them the richest most powerful people alive.
And how do they get hese kids to sign up? They have video games that are made by the military and kids think that war is all about fun and shooting guns, but one thing is quite different in the video game than real war. If you die in the video game, you can start over.
They retreat kids at camps, they have advertisements explaining how being in the Army makes you strong and will give you a good education. Young people living in poverty think the Army is the answer to getting out of a bad situation. The army promises this. They also promise desk jobs but its all a lie. You join the army or the military in general right now and you are going to war. And you'll probably die.
If we were fighting for something important, i could kind of undestand, but we are just their slaves. And we are dying and letting it happen. But how do we stop it? Is it even possible? And is peace a realistic dream?

Bleh i don't know...
the other videos....
2. Jacob's Ladder by Chumbawumba (good song)
3. Ani DiFranco- Self Evident. a 9 minute 11 second poem by ani, quite powerful
4. Saul Williams- The Pledge to Resist (Saul is my favorite spoken word poet. Some people say he is the next Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)
5. Stephen Smith, Pete Seeger & DJ Spooky- The Bell (good song)
6. Logic and Lowkey of New World Order- Home is Where the Heart Is (a good rap song and video from Africa)
7. Pulic Enemy- Son of a Bush (cool video although the song kind of irritates me. i like the lyrics but not the music)
8. Yo La Tengo- Nuclear War (this song is weird, but extremely powerful)
9. Perceptionists- Memorial Day (Boston rappers rap about this war)
10. Billy Bragg- The Price of Oil. (Folk singer, good song although this is the live verson and the sound is sucky in parts)

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