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Videos to check out

Me reading a poem. short video. shows me in the end.

almost all the rest of the videos have swears. i will put stars next to the ones that dont.
Homer Simpson Gets Stoned... to Spirit in the Sky by Norman Greenbaum*
a fan video that i thought was cool. i mean, who doesn't love this song. its friggin great. i heard it at all the youth rallies my church did as a kid, and come to find out, this anthem to jesus was written by a jewish guy just trying to make some cash. but you gotta love the spirit in the sky...

I Who Have Nothing by Jedi Mind Tricks

Loud and Clear by 7L and Esoteric (boston rappers)

This Movie Looks Good. (its got some violence and language in the preview)
It's called "On the Downlow".

Here's a Song of the same name. It says its a 4 Corners Hiphop Video. i dunno if thats the name of the group or what * (its edited)

i loved this song back in the day. Do Me by Bel Biv Devoe *(no swears i don't think, but very sexual) and its not the original video. just some guy and the song.

Q.B.O.Y Is So Fly by Q-Boy (a british gay rapper)

FAN by Epik High (a South Korean hip hop group)*this is in Korean mostly, but some English. i didn't hear any English swears anyway. there is some violence.

Love Me or Hate Me by Lady Soverign (a Brittish girl rapper who put out an album with Def Jam records last year)

Lo-Z and brother freestyle rap (really cool randomx found video.)

At the Playground by Another Bad Creation (old skool hip hop)*
these kids are my age now (which is almost 30. this was how rappers dressed when i was their age. man, i loved these kids)

Pass the Dutchie by Musical Youth (a dutchie is a blunt) a reggae song*
by a group of young kids in England

King Without a Crown by Matisyahu (an Orthodox Jewish reggae/rapper)*
his album, Live At Stubbs is an AMAZING listen from start to finish. Everyone should own it.

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