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i've got "the sign" by ace of base playing. i feel like that came out around the same time as gin and juice by snoop dogg.... gin and juice makes me think of taking a cab/sped bus to my alternative school in boston every day and one of the 1st drivers i had, this girl dorothy with her 2 year old tyler sitting in the front seat, a monitor named april who was dorothy's slightly nicer friend, but they were both bitches, and carl, this 10 year old in the "way back" who was a huge kid with anger issues and who the monitor was for, although the monitor and the driver (april and dorothy) would just insult carl all the way to school, and whenever the 2 year old started saying things like "you fat ass sack of shit carl!" (which would happen a lot and they would laugh), carl would start kicking and screaming, and they would make me (i was 15) restrain carl in the back seat while he wailed about.... and they would play this song and rap and laugh, including the 2 year old, and it was such a terrible experience that i hated the song at the time. also i knew some girl that dated dorothy's ex (maybe tyler's dad, but doubtful) and she got it in her head that my knowing this girl somehow made it a good idea for her to threaten to beat my ass at the end of the school year with all her "black friends" (she was white)... she never did. i think i helped get her fired. everything that went on in that cab was inappropriate and illegal... but anyway, i happen to love the song gin and juice now and have for many years but when it originally came out, all i could hear when i heard it was the 2 year old screaming along to the lyrics and calling carl a fat ass


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