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Writer's Block: Merry Christmas

What is the best present you received this year?

i got a brand new record player. it is the 1st record player i have gotten that was not trash picked. well, that's not true, i had a turntable a few years back, but it was for scratching records, not playing them... anyway, this one has a CD and tape player with speakers built in. it is also made so that it can be hooked up to the computer so you can convert your vinyl into mp3 form, but i dunno if i will even use it for that. i really just wanted it for listening to my records, which i have quite a lot of... many of which i have never even listened to, since my last trash picked record player turned out to be kinda crappy... with only 1 working speaker.. anyway, i am excited and i also got 2 records to go with it. abby rd by the beatles and an album by a new band called coco rosie. that one is actually BLUE, which is pretty cool.

i also got a few CDs... another coco rosie (on CD... a different album), adele's live CD and a CD by jurassic 5. i got a bunch of cool shirts. a where's waldo shirt from my sister lisa and a superman and atari t-shirts from my sister nikki, plus 2 sweatshirts from my mom. a grey one that is lined like a jacket that will be warm for me this winter since i don't wear jackets, and a pink floyd the wall sweatshirt. i got a newbury comics and panera bread gift certificate, i won some money on a scratch ticket, a DVD of a documentary called Magic Trip, which is about the merry band of pranksters/aka the original hippies, and their acid fueled cross country trip in a painted school bus. it's a really great movie. actual footage of ken kesey, the grateful dead, timothy leary and others... really cool stuff. jacqui and janina, you would probably both especially love it.

i am really grateful for everything i got. i didn't really need any of it, just extra stuff that would be cool to have. i brought a few things home for moo too, but she seemed like she was trying to tell me that what she really wanted was some leftover ham. oh well. i ate it all. (;

also, i was noting that last christmas, i was still pretty upset with my family for my then recent, long and awful hospitalization. a year later, there are still scars, but they are not open and i have come far with forgiveness. i also got a card from my mom saying how proud she is of me for the hard work i have been doing, which is nice to hear.

i'm going to include a couple youtube videos to go with a couple of my gifts. first, the song that got me into coco rosie. give it a listen, especially if you like stuff like portishead or moby or tricky or bjork or even just girl singers in general. this song is so sexy to me.

and here's a trailer for the movie i got, magic trip

ps... within days i will be attemting to live my life weed free for awhile... so wish me luck.


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