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my internet is not working as i write this. i am going craaaaazy, so i decided to write.

i did some art yesterday and tonight. it is the first i hve done any in awhile and it came out pretty good. it was just done quickly. i don't have the patience for long projects. part of what makes my art mine is that i do it my way, which is usually quickly, which means sometimes it is not perfected. most of the time i am okay with this though. what makes my art special is that it's mine. i go through many phases with my styles, and my forms have changed over time, but it's got a flavor that is uniquely me... and i like that.

lets see, what else?... tomorrow i have my program. i haven't been since last wednesday cuz of the holiday. i'm looking forward to getting back in there. i've been going a little crazy the last couple of days. i haven't been able to sleep as late, which has given me more hours to my day to be doing nothing. i guess it is good in that it has lead to more art, but i hate the restlessness that goes with it. yesterday i got up early (and by early i don't actually mean early, i just mean not late afternoon like i usually do and have gotten used to)... so i tried to go back to sleep, but when i couldn't, i got up, took a shower and shaved, got dressed, drove to wallgreens to get some cards for christmas and for my sister's birthday, some shaving cream, blank CDs and orange soda. bought all that, standing in a long line while wearing my new ani difranco t-shirt with a picture of a joint and lyrics about how "i drink and i smoke"... so i was feeling self concious for a minute, but then realized it really didn't matter. no one was going to judge me and if they did, fuck em...
i went to the ATM and tried to avoid eye contact with the salvation army bell ringer. i don't give money to the salvation army because they do not let trans or even out gay people in their shelters, but i have nothing against the usually disabled people they have ringing bells for them and i feel badly that i cannot say hello to them without also feeling obligated to then give them money. so i seem like a heartless turd, ignoring people with disabilities, but again, fuck what other people think because when it comes down to it, i talk to people with disabilities and homeless people all the time. i also give money to the homeless all the time and sometimes stop and talk with them... so if i want to ignore people working for an organization that wouldn't include me if need be, then i shall do that and fuck you if you judge.
lol. writing is fun. bahahaha.
oh, i got carried away on that subject... i was saying what i did yesterday... yeah, so after ignoring the bell ringer, i went down to Spy Pond, which was packed cuz it was a brilliant day and i drank my orange soda and smoked a cigarette on a rock, looking at the pond with the weeping willow trees swooping down, which now has yellow dying leaves on it, unlike the dark green i see when swimming in the pond in the summer.
i took off from there thinking about picking up some beers and drinking alone the rest of the day, but decided to go grab something at burger king. when i got there, there was construction blocking the enterance, so i went by the mcdonalds across the street, even though it wasn't what i really wanted. i also stopped by newbury comics to see if they had any winter hats. i ended up leaving with 2 hats and 4 cd's, 1 which was a present for my father for christmas. i didn't really wanna get him another CD for christmas. he barely ever listens to them, but it's better than the other gifts i get him which are gaureteed to never be used. he used to have a drawer filled with gifts i'd given him. it wasn't personal i don't think, but i don't have the money to get him anything he can't and doesn't get for himself... but i know music and i decided on roy orbison's greatest hits. i don't think he has anything by him, and i know he loves him. he doesn't understand the appeal of a perfect studio album the way i do, so getting him a greatest hits is the way to go... plus i don't know roy orbison's albums either... i just know the hits, so i wouldn't know what his best album is... and my dad's idea of a best album is when he knows all the songs i think.... you know i think once upon a time my dad was kinda into music in a big way, but music is not a priority in his life the way it is for me, but he still loves it and i got a lot of my favorites from him.
the 3 CD's i bought for myself were all hip hop, and when i got home, a 4th hip hop album was in my mailbox that i ordered a few days ago. i didn't think it would arrive so quickly.
i took my music and stuff upstairs, fed moo, listened to music and went online, watched a comedy movie (the change up) which i enjoyed and then did 3 drawings and uploaded them to facebook... and i still had 2 hours to go before 11pm when i could go to sleep. luckily a friend from HS IMed me randomly, so i talked to her for a bit.

i hoped that when i woke up today, it would be a little later, but it wasn't. i went to my parent's for awhile for dinner and for my dad to try to help me transport stuff from my old computer to my new one, but it wound up taking a lot longer than we hoped for... it is still not finished... so my mom leant me her computer to take home, but now the internet is not working on her computer and i'm hoping that it will work on my new computer, which i haven't actually tested at home yet. i don't understand why my mom's is not working. it should be... but anyway, i have my speakers plugged in and am listening to some of my CDs on here and writing while going back and forth doing some more art. it is almost 9 right now and at 10 i have a show to watch and then i can go to bed, but aaaargggg! not having the net is frustrating, but it has given me a chance to write a long journal entry, which i don't do often (though have a few times recently) so yay for that. rock and roll.


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Nov. 29th, 2011 10:15 am (UTC)
:) great post - interesting. Made me feel happy and sad and in general enjoying the way you write - as it comes straight out of your mind, I love that:)
Nov. 30th, 2011 03:39 am (UTC)
thank you. i'm glad i'm writing and drawing again
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