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in the grey

i was reminded today that some of the things i worry about don't even make sense and that i am only responsible for who i am in this life, today. i cannot change the past and certainly not past lives if i ever really even had any. i need to be thinking about the things that matter. i feel like i am really making an effort to do that too, but the other stuff still comes up, especially when i'm stressed.

my mind is all over the place lately. i feel like i am seeing some things more clearly, the things i am supposed to be figuring out, but my mind can wander to places that they don't need to go and muddies up my thought process. i feel like this is just a challenge i have to live with, but i'm hoping the psychosis type thoughts slow down, so i can see whatever it is i really need to see.
Tags: mental health, mental illness, recovery

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