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weed and fringe

my horoscope said not to get deeply spiritual today if i want to stay in a decent mood, so maybe getting high and watching fringe is a bad idea tonight. oh well, gonna do it everything. i've been waiting for this all day. we'll see if defying the horoscope was a bad idea or not but i love getting stoned and watching fringe. it's a deeply spiritual experience for me and i usually enjoy that stuff.


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Mar. 19th, 2011 11:02 pm (UTC)
Enjoy! but do both in moderation, see that;s the Mum bit of me speaking,LOL but I am a still aware of the need to do some things that others don't approve of, I am still doing things frowned on by others! Mostly I strive to ignore what they think, but now and then feel I should run, hide and conform; luckily those moments don't last....
Mar. 20th, 2011 12:01 am (UTC)
i dunno if my weed smoking would be considered moderation. in comparison to other potheads, maybe. i used to smoke a lot more weed than i do now, but i still smoke a lot more than the occasional user. i like to wind down my day by smoking a bowl, which is like as much as 1 joint. i used to smoke all day long, but now i wait until my day is winding down and i am at home out of the way of trouble and stuff. in some ways it has helped me a lot, but there have been times it has gotten in the way. i don't do any other drugs anymore though and rarely drink, so it's not too bad. i wish i didn't smoke cigarettes and only smoked weed, but unfortunately i'm addicted to the cigarettes. it sucks. i had quit last year and then when i was in the hospital i started again. the day i got out of the hospital, i was so depressed and overwhelmed and frustrated, and then i found a blunt that i had left in my car from 2 months prior (before i went into the hospital), smoked half of it and it saved me from losing my mind. it was like a welcome home gift.
it's true we all have stuff we do that we know others might not approve of. i used to be very self conscious about my weed smoking because i used to abuse other drugs and alcohol, and i felt like i'd be judged and i know people still do judge, but i just say fuck it. it helps me relax and i need something for that. it's the only thing that makes the meds i'm on tolerable.
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