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the way my brain works

my brain works differently than most people's. it is considered a disability because it does not work in ways that come naturally to most people and therefor is harder for me to function in a society that is based for people who's brains all work pretty similarly.

what i like to think about with my brain though, is the unique ways in which my brain works, that is capable of things that most brains are not. this is actually the area where a lot of my problems these past few years has come from. i know that my brain is capable of some very unusual things. they are things that people have been said to be able to do, psychic stuff, dream reading, shaman kind of stuff, things like that. but when you already have a diagnosis and stigma of mental illness, any claim of something so unusual, like psychic, shamanistic abilities is seen as a delusion.

i like the way my brain works though. i am glad a lot of other people like the way it works too.

thank you to my friends for all the support you've given me with my challenge. peace
Tags: brain, mental illness

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