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the story of a soul set free

i might have one of my paintings in a show with the artists from my old high school. it's for former and current students and the art will be displayed at mass art in boston. there's an opening night show and then it will be hanging for awhile. it should be cool. i just have to get it to the school on monday. i'm hoping i can do it. i am thinking i will put this one in the show. it's called "the story of a soul set free"

if you look at all the different parts of this painting, it could write a story... my story more or less, my spiritual story. i actually hated this painting when i first did it, but now it's one of my favorites.

there is a castle, a yard, a swamp, a princess with her head cut off, a money man (head only) a bunny, a computer ghost, a flying soul with tracks for feet and no arms with a gut with a drama/tragedy mask inside it and an exploding brain. there's a sun/pie in the sky, twin towers and a tree from another world, among other things. it's chaos, but all caught in this one painting.

Tags: art, art show, beacon high school, jymi cliche, soul

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