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30 day photo challenge

Day 17 - A picture of something that has made a huge impact on your life recently

the story in this painting "the whore the war and me"
depending how you hold it, it's a different part of the story. this is gloria, aka "the whore"... this story is an abstract explanation for what my life has been filled with lately. it's hard to explain. i'm trying to focus on the "me" part right now. "the whore and the war" stuff is still effecting me though.

i realize that probably makes no sense to many of you. i haven't lost my mind. i'm just speaking in metaphor because it has to do with a spiritual experience and i wrote a poem to go with the painting, but it's otherwise hard to put in words

also, held like this is "the war"

or like this

there's a lot in this painting. a princess, a king, a penis, a fenced in yard, a poem, some anger, a journey, and lots of other stuff too. it is very revealing. it actually kind of freaks me out.

my poem, the whore, the war and me is under a cut to check out too if you want. i put it up on youtube to some music. it kind of goes with the painting


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